Data Collection

Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring information on targeted variables in an established systematic fashion, which then enables one to answer relevant questions and evaluate outcomes. The data collection component of research is common to all fields of study including physical and social sciences, humanities and business.It help us to collect the main points as gathered information. While methods vary by discipline, the emphasis on ensuring accurate and honest collection remains the same. The goal of DS Technologies in data collection is to capture quality evidence that then translates to rich data analysis and allows the building of a convincing and credible answer to questions that have been posed. DS Technologies  has consulted for various government and private agencies on electronic data collection using tablets that are pre-coded  for surveys. The beauty of using electronic data collection compared to traditional paper based methods is so evident.

This approach to data collection has several advantages, including timeliness and accuracy. The questionnaire is programmed into the tablet using CSPro software which We use for our applications, CsPro is a common program used internationally and nationally by leading data collection institutions such as the US Census Bureau of the CensusStatistics and the Kenya national Bureau of Statistics (KNBS). Using CSPro is simple and straight forward just like any online data collection tool. The raw data will be collected offline then uploaded online whenever there is Internet connectivity. Data synchronized to server will be downloaded to check on the Quality on the key variables as shall be agreed upon by the field team. In addition a frequency of daily field work performance shall be relied as per the daily figures uploaded into the server pointing out discrepancies as early as possible to the field supervisors for effecting the correction. The server will be configured to use either Dropbox on back end or an FTP server depending on the budget. Both the server and client applications will run softwares that is publicly available hence no cost of buying software or server storage. Once the raw data has been entered using this software and verified they will be transferred to the clients in varoius data analysis software’s; the data can easily be converted into popular data analysis software such as SPSS, SAS and STATA