Data analysis

Data analysis mainly in R Stata SPSS

Data seniors has a young dedicated team that is well versed with statistical knowledge required to analyze data in most common statistical packages and provide 21st century graphics for your reports. We offer training too in basic statistical concepts required for social sciences.

  1. Reading csv data to any statistical software.
  2. Descriptive statistics (mean,mode,variance standard deviation)
  3. Exploratory data analysis
  4. Hypothesis, Association and Causation Testing
  5. Statistical data models : Linear and Multiple Regression, Logistic Regression, Anova and Multivariate analysis.
  6. R-Mysql integration and database variables analysis with sql queries


We employ modern software engineering and data mining technologies with an ethos based around data-based innovation to provide custom analytics solutions. Within this mandate, we design and implement software for collection, storage, management and interpretation of data that serve our clients’ unique needs.Please feel free to email or call the number below for any training or data analytics queries.